Little Phoenix Investment Group

The little Phoenix Investment Group current has 15 investment members from four Universities across the country (UK) below are just a few members.

Malcolm Oluwasanmi

Malcolm is Chairperson of the Little Phoenix Investment Group and manages investment and operational risk.

Malcolm was born in London, England, moving to Derbyshire in 2004 then Nottingham in 2006. Malcolm emerged from a very unique background and received independent student status in 2006

Malcolm joined the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment during his A-levels, which allowed him to utilize his networking skills. A networking event in Birmingham gave him work experience at BRI Asset Management during his first year of University. This gave Malcolm exposure to multiple securities including equity and fixed income derivatives.

Being a member of the Black Training and Enterprise Group (BTEG) allows Malcolm to give mentoring to pupils for unprivileged backgrounds. Following his active promotion of financial literacy Malcolm teaches the basics of investment and trading to students both in and outside his university. Malcolm is an active trader and investor taking a keen interest in insurance, wholesale finance and gaming equities. On the fixed income side, high yielding debt instruments and options trading provide a base for risk management on his portfolio.

Malcolm enjoys  and excels in financial investment and macro economics which are his favorite university subjects. Malcolm has run numerous businesses but is in the process of initiating an investment group with his business partners and close friends.

Malcolm is currently studying for the Investment Management Certificate which he will complete in 2013.

Malcolm possesses a renowned arsenal of interpersonal skills. His greatest assets include a rare, innovative mind-set, dedication to high standards of excellence and ability to constantly think up new ideas and concepts for the team to implement.

Malcolm is a proud member of:

*The Chartered institute of Securities and Investments

 *The Chartered institute of Insurer's

 *Black Traning and Enterprise Group (BTEG)



Shamsul Duha

Shamsul Duha is a member of the Alternative Investment Team and the Income Investment Team he specialises in social media sectors.

Shamsul is a recent History BA student at Goldsmiths University of London. He is passionate about History and in particular takes great interest in analysing and evaluating key economic trends within History. His final year dissertation is a comparison of Capitalist and Communist model's of economics and the Gandhian model of economics. Whilst at university, he has taken an active role within the History Society, increasing both the membership and funding, in order to provide for future events.

As a dynamic social entrepreneur, Shamsul has recently initiated his latest social enterprise entitled SooUni. The company provides a gateway for students to access events that will boost employability skills and further educational pursuits. The website is currently under development for launch in September 2011 in line with the academic year.

Shamsul has demonstrated his need to see a social change, through his work in increasing youth participation and actively engaging with his peers to identify key concerns of students. He is involved with youth initiatives and has been selected to take part in the Student Leadership Development Program with Elevation Networks. Elevation Networks (EN) is a youth focused charity that aims to bridge the gap between under-represented groups and industries, helping young people to become more competitive in the labour market place. He has shown a keen interest in Marketing and PR at Elevation Networks and has produced his first article identifying problems with university career service's and has worked with Deloitte's in shaping their latest mentoring scheme for students.

He has also embarked on an exciting new challenge, working with Urban Lawyers heading up their marketing campaign. Urban Lawyer is an interactive "Law in Action" based multimedia company. They focus on rehabilitation, engagement and education of young people relating law and policies that govern their communities. There aim is to educate and engage disaffected young people by improving their understanding of the Criminal Justice System and the policing that governs it.

Shamsul is a proud member of:
*United Nations Association UK
*Virgin Media Pioneers
*1st Class Advice





Minesh Morjaria

Minesh is a member of the Equities Team.

Minesh Morjaria is an Economics BA student at Coventry University looking for a career in the finance industry, more specifically the banking/asset management industry. Minesh achieved a 2:1 classification in his first year and a 1st in his second year , with a predicted degree classification of a 1st.nsh was born on 15th July 1991 to a immigrant family. He grew up fraught with academic t in itself.

Minesh attends Coventry University and studies Economics. At the end of his first year, Minesh was lucky enough to obtain a working placement at E.ON UK offices in Bedfordshire. Minesh spent 3 months at the offices and worked in Finance, Customer Service and Employee Training departments. Working at such a recognisable brand in a professional environment gave me the working mannerisms and thought processes which prove essential to working in any qualified environment in modern society. In his first year of education Minesh obtained a 2:1 degree classification.

 In his second year, Minesh’s spark for Investment was ignited by becoming a senior committee member of the investment society. Networking at such investment society events gained me invaluable contacts. With the investment society, Minesh has now began to trade live on that stock market as a Asset Manager for his father’s portfolio which has seen growth over the past two months of 20%, and in this volatile trading climate for a new inexperienced investor is again, a recognisable feet.

During the second year, Minesh conducted/organised/helped in a number of events with corporate’s; Muzzafer Khan, Angel Investors, IBM, Centrica and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Along with achieving 1st class honours in his degree for that year.

  Minesh accepted a financial internship at BSi (British Standards Institute) and worked for 3 months inside their Customer Services, Finance and Sales departments. At this placement, Minesh got to understand the depths of the corporate structure and how it can be used to your advantage.  It is this placement that has taught him the most about the concept of ‘corporates’ and why I am drawn to them so much.

 Minesh enjoys and excels in two particular academic subjects; Quantitative Economics and Financial Investment (both of which he has carried onto his final year), both whole second year modules. Minesh achieved a high 2:1 classification in Quantitative Economics (67%), he enjoys this because of the testing nature of the topic, and the pressure under which calculations have to be made. Financial investment has increased his knowledge of the investing sector five-fold, and because of the highly talented educator, combined with my enthusiasm for investments I achieved very highly in the subject gaining a 1st class honours for the subject and also the highest grade in my year with a average of 89% over the module.

 In Minesh’s final year, he looks to obtain a financial graduate position at a top flight company or go onto to study further, in the form of a Masters at a different institution to the one he is at now. At the moment Minesh is currently;

President-                                                              Hindu Society

Clifton Sithole

Clifton is the Vice Chairperson and a member of the Alternative Investment Team

Ambitious, Hardworking and Entrepreneual, these three words epitomise who exactly Mthulisi Clifton Sithole is. Born in Zimbabwe, Clifton arrived in the U.K. in 2004 after having received a full academic scholarship from the Pestalozzi Village Trust to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma at the Hastings College of Arts and Technology. At Pestalozzi, Clifton was Treasurer for the 1066 Rotaract Club, Assistant Treasurer of the Students Association at Hastings College and was part of the winning team of the Regional Round of the Paperclip Physics Competition. Taking on board Pestalozzis Principles of educating the head, heart and hands, Clifton went on to be actively involved in numerous other activities whilst still at Pestalozzi.

In 2008 Clifton enrolled at Glasgow Caledonian University to do a BA(HON)in Finance, Investment And  Risk. Clifton immersed himself in his studies and was able to excel. Undertaking modules such as; Retention and Risk Transfer, Corporate Finance and Investment, Financial Services Decision Making and Ethics, just to name a few.  Currently, he possesses the highest score ever achieved in the history of the Managerial Finance module at the University.

It was in his first year that his passion towards the Financial Services Sector grew. By the end of 2009 he co-founded and became the Vice President of the Investment Society. The Investment Society ran various competitions and events to help member students gain a greater understanding of the financial services sector, including an Anti-Money Mulling Campaign with Crime Stoppers.

 After the success of the Investment Society, Clifton went on to become an Intern for the Scottish Institute OF Enterprise and Co-Founder/President of the Enterprise Society at the start of the 2010/11 academic year. His main role as part of the SIE intern programme was to use peer-to-peer communication to raise awareness of and engagement with entrepreneurship and enterprise through SIE and institutional programmes, events and services.

Mthulisi Clifton Sithole is also well known for his entrepreneurial mind-set and his ability to find innovative and practical solutions to complex problems.