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This agreement is made on the above date between the undersigned person as a member for the purpose of joint investment in equities, derivatives, fixed income and alternative investments and investments of a like nature for their and for the members’ mutual benefit and interest. I am aware and clear of the risks involved with my investment.

These details have been completed faithfully and to the best of my knowledge and ability. I agree to notify the committee immediately regarding any changes in these details. Any possible or actual false information may render this agreement void and may result in fees and charges applied as per the rules and constitution for a member leaving the fund. I have read, understood and agree to i.) the constitution, ii.) the rules iii.) the new member agreement and iv.) the structural document. In addition I have received from the committee a copy of i.) the constitution, ii.) the rules and iii.) the new member agreement , which I shall retain and refer to in any dispute with Little Phoenix Investment Group and/or its members.

I agree to pay an induction fee of £75(all members) and purchase £975 worth of units for myself(Full and Bitcoin only) plus my first months subscription(£25 for full members), which entitles me to units as calculated by the honorary treasurer using the same unit price as applied to valuations for existing members for the relevant month. Thereafter individual valuations will be provided in accordance with the constitution and rules. This investment will be kept within the fund for a minimum of six month before it can be withdrawn again. I will endeavor to attend and participate in the groups meetings and respond to other written reasonable requests concerning the fund’s activities. I agree that the affairs of the club shall be conducted in accordance with the letter and spirit of the rules and constitution and I agree to abide by the rules and constitution and any amendment thereto made in accordance with clause 4.) of the constitution.

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