Following the string of meetings that we have this month I am happy to announce that I will conduct a few sessions myself.

If you are interested to learn how firms are valued you can join the training sessions  starting on the 23rd June (mostly on vyew, unless otherwise stated). The preliminary schedule for the course will be as follows:

Basics of Valuations, Valuation Metrics (P/E, P/book, RoE, Dividend Yield, Dividend Cover, etc), Investment Styles (Income, Growth, Value and Contrarian) - 23 June, 2-3pm
Multiples Valuation method - 27 June, 6-7pm
Capital Asset Pricing Model and Weighted Average Cost of Capital - 30 June, 2-3pm
Dividend Discount Model - 30 June, 3-4pm ---> We wiill have two sessions on that day as I will have less time in July
Discounted Cash Flow Analysis I - tbc
Discounted Cash Flow Analysis II - tbc
Behavioural Finance in the Context of Valuations - tbc
A holistic approach to valuing a company - tbc

NB: All members of the valuations team should make every effort to attend every session (except the first one, if you already covered the basic material), as your line of work will utilise the methods introduced in the course. The other members of the club are also welcome to attend any of the sessions which are of interest to them.

Let me know if you need any more information, suggestions or requests.