Little Phoenix Investment Club

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Guide for new members:

All new members must complete induction.

All new members must create a gmail account for access to google calendar and google drive.


-       New members must complete our three basic financial education videos before they are allowed to enter our ranking system.

-       New members must set up a monthly subscription with the club.

o   Or at least buy a minimum of  500 pounds worth of units.

-       Members must declare that they understand all the fees, risks, commitments of being involved with the investment group more details can be found in the structural document.

-       Members must declare that they understand the groups systems and operations.


Where the club is lacking in one or more areas I will strive to take up that role or enquire to whether or not I can be of use in that area.

-       I will not wait to take action if I believe I can be of help I will step up and take action.

-       My voice will be heard in meetings my opinion will be know by all and in context

-       If I am unhappy the chairperson will know about it

-       I am responsible for the position and accuracy of the clubs accounts my units are my units to monitor if there is error or omission it is my responsibility to flag it up.

-       I will strive to teach others what I learn in the Investment Group if they are willing to hear me.

-       I will attend at least one meeting each month.

-       I will communicate with other members frequently and often they are now my extended family

-       I am an innovator and a leader I will share my ideas with the group regardless of the topic

-       Where possible I will organize events and meet ups for group members.

-       I will work hard and play hard with the investment group.