Little Phoenix Investment Group

Membership Benefits



"Learn as much as you can"

  • ·         Learn about asset classes in our Investment Seminars and Investment Proposals that you may have never heard of from Convertible bonds to Death bonds.
  • ·         Get a Practical insight to the processes and due diligence that must take place before an investment is made
  • ·         Find new ways to innovate and educate yourself and your ideas.  You will learn new skills such as leadership and team work in a practical environment.


"Tie the group in with your career goals"

  • The activities you do within the Investment group may also help you with any professional qualification you seek to take which will give you the edge when looking for work.
  • Do you want to add the Investment Group to your CV? We can consult you on the best way to do that and many of our mentors and members offer free careers advice.
  •  We work with many sponsors that are looking for that something extra from their future employees and the Investment group is a perfect way to show them what you can do.


"As the Group profits so do you."

  • ·         In the mind of any investor you will at some point consider how to best diversify your portfolio, an investment into the group will give you access to uncorrelated asset classes.
  • ·         We all want to make capital gain and now you can do so too, as the investment group grows and your units increase in value so till will your personal wealth.
  • ·         You can sell your units to the group to take any profits you have made or reinvest your profits back into the group and watch hopefully your money grow.



 Even more benefits



 Limitless experience

You get what you give you have the opportunity as a member to take the helm and lead the ship in the direction you want to go and attempt to become a Team Leader. The experiences you take from this venture will stay with you for the rest of your life.


 Giving back

Whether you are going into local schools to educate students on the different asset classes out there or holding a seminar for locals in the area to explain to them how their pension is invested. All members are expected to try and promote financial literacy in any way they can. You can benefit from the joy of seeing your friends and family learn the different paths they can take to become more financially literate.


Set up your own business

You have the chance to run businesses on behalf of the Investment Group we will provide you with everything from networks and connections, funding and even a website. If you do well we may let you set up the business and operate it for yourself.


The Investment Group is a great way to meet new people and make new friends you never know who you will bump into and where that contact will take you.



The Investment Group is frequently invited to Investor events in London which you will be informed of and also invited to.

We also hold a yearly members meeting for those who can attend wich is a great way for you to meet your team mates face to face.



All business that ran by the Investment Group offer member only discounts on their products…well you are the boss.



You will gain an insight into the belief that anyone no matter what their age, nationality or race should have the chance to become more financially literate.We promote and support financial literacy almost militantly.

                                                                                      Are you looking for the key to financial freedom?

                                                                                             “We don’t need the keys we’ll break in”

                                                                                                               Zach de la Rocha