Little Phoenix Investment Group

The Business itself is not for profit

We seek to educate and profit our members and investors as a group no individual member profits directly from the running of the investment group once we have raised enough capital we may change the structure of the group into a charity.

This is a hybrid investment club 

Most Investment clubs invest in stocks and shares and that's all. Our members showed an interest in physical assets such as gold , property and small businesses. So we created separate teams to cover a wide range of asset classes and not just stocks. 

The Investment club can set up and run businesses on behalf of its members with profits being used to increase the members unit values.

The structure and committee is fixed to promote sustainability

Most Investment clubs allow you to change the committee structure we do not and we make this very clear if this is a problem then do not join.

Dedicated Team Leaders

We have dedicated Team Leaders who manage and operate select areas such as internal entrepreneurship and Income investments. These leaders are focused primarily on maximising unit value and managing the general health of the club members.

You have day to day control over your investments

To comply with FSA regulations Investment clubs must allow members to have day to day control over their investments we do this by ensuring that all investment proposals are pitched to members and give them a minimum of a week to cast their votes.