Little Phoenix Investment Group


The Investment club has been developed around the concept of promoting a big society and encourages community involvement and activity. We also aim to maintain and foster a great community within the club, to help we organise a mixture of activities.


We connect connect members with mentors within the financial sector that wish to share their wisdom and past experiences.


We hold events across the country giving members a chance to meet face to face and network with other investment club members.


We hope that this club will maximise our members employability, connect them with recruiters and make them aware of employment opportunities that match their criteria. Members are also encouraged to contribute to opportunities they are aware of by word of mouth.


We hold live debates on recent events within the financial sector giving members the opportunity to give their views and opinions and we invite guest speakers to contribute to the debates.


Members that show outstanding performance and give back to their communities will be subject to awards and prizes.


We support members looking to get professional qualifications.


We hold educational seminars that are open to everyone and totally free.

Final note

"Investing can be a lonely business" we cannot give investment advice but we certainly can do our own due diligence on any investment. If you are investing in a project and want to hear the opinions of members from the club feel free to get in touch. Our members come in all shapes and sizes and you can talk about anything from a recent restructuring deal to random walk theory.